基本的な製作材料 (75) 編集


中級の製作材料 (65) 編集

Ancient Bone
Armored Scale
Barbed Thorn
Blade Shard
Bone Chip
Bone Shard
Congealed Putrescence
Elaborate Totem
Engraved Totem
Eye of Kormir
Full Venom Sac
Fury-Scorched Stone
Powdered Rose Quartz
Tenebrous Crystal

上級の製作材料 (98) 編集

Auric Ingot
Auric Sliver
Charged Quartz Crystal
Crystal Lodestone
Destroyer Lodestone
Difluorite Crystal
Fractal Research Page
Fresh Winterberry
Glob of Coagulated Mists Essence
Icy Runestone
Inscribed Shard
Jade Shard
Kralkatite Ingot
Legendary Insight
Lump of Mistonium
Memory of Battle
Mordrem Core
Mordrem Fragment
Mordrem Shard
Mordrem Sliver
Mystic Clover
Mystic Coin
Mystic Runestone
Obsidian Shard
Oiled Forged Scrap
Orrian Pearl
Petrified Wood
Piece of Ambrite
Pulsing Brandspark
Reclaimed Metal Plate
Resonating Lodestone
Shard of Glory
Sheet of Ambrite
Sheet of Charged Ambrite
Spool of Deldrimor Thread
Sun Bead
Unidentified Fossilized Insect
Vial of Condensed Mists Essence
Watchwork Mechanism

アセンデッド材料 (48) 編集

Augur's Stone
Ball of Dark Energy
Blended Leather Sheet
Bloodstone Brick
Bolt of Damask
Bolt of Empowered Silk
Bottle of Airship Oil
Carbonized Mithrillium Ingot
Composite Wood Board
Crystalline Ingot
Crystalline Ore
Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy
Deldrimor Steel Ingot
Dragonite Ingot
Dragonite Ore
Elonian Leather Square
Empowered Cured Thick Leather Square
Empowered Mithril Ingot
Empyreal Fragment
Empyreal Star
Glob of Dark Matter
Glob of Elder Spirit Residue
Lesser Vision Crystal
Ley Line Spark
Lump of Mithrillium
Mystic Curio
Pile of Auric Dust
Pile of Bloodstone Dust
Shard o' War
Shard of Arah
Shard of Call of the Void
Shard of Endeavor
Shard of Friendship
Shard of Liturgy
Shard of Resolution
Shard of the Crown
Shard of the Dark Arts
Spiritwood Plank
Spool of Silk Weaving Thread
Spool of Thick Elonian Cord
Square of Vabbian Silk
Stabilizing Matrix
Thermocatalytic Reagent
Vision Crystal
Weaponized Cured Thick Leather Square
Weaponized Elder Wood Plank
Weaponized Mithril Ingot
Xunlai Electrum Ingot

宝石用原石と宝石 (58) 編集

Agate Orb
Amalgamated Gemstone
Amber Pebble
Amethyst Lump
Amethyst Nugget
Azurite Crystal
Azurite Orb
Beryl Crystal
Beryl Orb
Beryl Shard
Black Diamond
Carnelian Lump
Carnelian Nugget
Chrysocola Crystal
Chrysocola Orb
Chrysocola Shard
Copper Doubloon
Coral Chunk
Coral Orb
Coral Tentacle
Ebony Orb
Emerald Crystal
Emerald Orb
Emerald Shard
Flax Blossom
Freshwater Pearl
Garnet Pebble
Gold Doubloon
Lapis Lump
Lapis Nugget
Maguuma Burl
Maguuma Lily
Malachite Pebble
Moonstone Orb
Opal Crystal
Opal Orb
Opal Shard
Passion Flower
Peridot Lump
Peridot Nugget
Platinum Doubloon
Quartz Crystal
Ruby Crystal
Ruby Orb
Ruby Shard
Sapphire Crystal
Sapphire Orb
Sapphire Shard
Silver Doubloon
Spinel Lump
Spinel Nugget
Sunstone Lump
Sunstone Nugget
Tiger's Eye Pebble
Topaz Lump
Topaz Nugget
Turquoise Pebble

料理の材料 (115) 編集


食材 (21) 編集

Ball of Cookie Dough
Ball of Dough
Bottle of Simple Dressing
Bowl of Baker's Dry Ingredients
Bowl of Baker's Wet Ingredients
Bowl of Candy Corn Glaze
Bowl of Cream Soup Base
Bowl of Ice Cream Base
Bowl of Poultry Stock
Bowl of Red Meat Stock
Bowl of Roux
Bowl of Staple Soup Vegetables
Bowl of Vegetable Stock
Dollop of Choya Harissa
Jar of Tomato Sauce
Loaf of Bread
Pile of Jacarandere
Pile of Pumpkin Pie Spice
Pile of Salt and Pepper
Pile of Simple Stew Herbs
Pile of Stirfry Spice Mix

スクライブの材料 (73) 編集

Ancient Wood Pulp
Badge of Tribute
Bag of Crystalline Blotting Powder
Bag of Glittering Blotting Powder
Bag of Incandescent Blotting Powder
Bag of Luminous Blotting Powder
Bag of Mortar
Bag of Radiant Blotting Powder
Bag of Shimmering Blotting Powder
Basic Finishing Kit
Basic Ink Set
Basic Scribing Kit
Branded Matrix
Coarse Book Cover
Copper Nib
Crystalline Bottle
Elder Wood Pulp
Elonian Matrix
Embossed Matrix
Encased Matrix
Fine Book Cover
Fine Finishing Kit
Fine Ink Set
Fine Scribing Kit
Forged Matrix
Gleaming Matrix
Gold Bound Matrix
Gold Nib
Grandmaster's Finishing Kit
Grandmaster's Ink Set
Grandmaster's Scribing Kit
Green Wood Pulp
Hard Wood Pulp
Journeyman's Finishing Kit
Journeyman's Ink Set
Journeyman's Scribing Kit
Ley-Infused Matrix
Linen Supply Sack
Master's Finishing Kit
Master's Ink Set
Master's Scribing Kit
Mithril Nib
Orichalcum Nib
Platinum Nib
Premium Book Cover
Putrid Matrix
Quality Book Cover
Rough Book Cover
Seasoned Wood Pulp
Sheet of Coarse Paper
Sheet of Coarse Sandpaper
Sheet of Extra Coarse Sandpaper
Sheet of Fine Paper
Sheet of Fine Sandpaper
Sheet of Medium Sandpaper
Sheet of Premium Paper
Sheet of Quality Paper
Sheet of Rough Paper
Sheet of Smooth Paper
Sheet of Superfine Sandpaper
Sheet of Ultrafine Sandpaper
Silver Nib
Simple Finishing Kit
Simple Ink Set
Simple Scribing Kit
Smooth Book Cover
Soft Wood Pulp
Strategic Defense Map of the Mists
Tub of Wood Glue

お祝いの材料 (18) 編集

Candy Cane
Candy Corn Cob
Chattering Skull
Delicate Snowflake
Flawless Snowflake
Gibbering Skull
Glittering Snowflake
High-Quality Plastic Fangs
Nougat Center
Piece of Candy Corn
Piece of Zhaitaffy
Plastic Fangs
Pristine Snowflake
Snow Diamond
Tiny Snowflake
Tyria's Best Nougat Center
Unique Snowflake

メモ 編集

  • 2017年7月25日の更新では、3つのセクションの名前を変更するだけでなく、資材庫にいくつかの材料が追加されました:
    • 一般クラフト材料 → 基本的な製作材料
    • ファインクラフト材料 → 中級の製作材料
    • レアクラフト材料 → 上級の製作材料
  • 炎の道がローンチしたとき、多くの新しいグッズが追加されましたが、初期には収納スペースがありませんでした。収納スペースは、それほど長く使われなくなりました。[1]

脚注 編集

  1. Path of Fire Material Storage カイル・グレイのフォーラム投稿