Condition Damage Condition Damage, also known as Malice, is a secondary attribute that improves the damage dealt by conditions your character inflicts. The boon Might increases condition damage along with power.

A character's current Condition Damage value can be seen on the Hero panel.

Conditions Edytuj

Condition Factor Base Damage at Level 80 Damage from +100 Condition Damage
Szablon:Bleeding 0.05 42.5 per stack per second +5 per stack per second
Szablon:Burning 0.25 328 per second +25 per second
Szablon:Poison 0.10 84 per second +10 per second
Szablon:Confusion[1] 0.15 130 per stack per skill use +15 per stack per skill use
Szablon:Fear[2] 0.25 302 per second +25 per second
Szablon:Torment[3] 0.0375 32 per stack per second +3.75 per stack per second

Actual damage per second/attack per stack = Base Damage + (Factor * Condition Damage).  At level 80, most conditions require roughly 850 condition damage to double their damage output; burning is an outlier, requiring over 1300 condition damage to double.

  1. Confusion deals half damage in Structured PvP and WvW.
  2. Only causes damage under the effects of Terror (the IX necromancer trait under Curses).  Deals 50% more damage if the target has another condition on them.
  3. Deals two damage packets per second while moving.

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Elite skills that increase condition damageEdytuj

Related traits Edytuj

Trait lines that increase condition damage Edytuj

1 trait point in the indicated trait line increases condition damage by 50 points.

Traits that increase condition damage Edytuj

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Equipment prefixes that increase condition damage Edytuj

Upgrade components that increase condition damage Edytuj

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Consumables that increase condition damage Edytuj

  • Foods (too numerous to list here)

Notes Edytuj

  • Any condition damage that is currently affecting a target, will update per tick according to the source character's stats. For example, An engineer may inflict bleed with an Elixir Gun weapon kit and then swap to a pair of +condition damage pistols in order to increase the damage over time, even if no further conditions are inflicted.

Trivia Edytuj

  • The diamond-shaped icon for this attribute (and for Condition Duration) is a relic of early development, when all conditions had diamond-shaped icons in different colors, instead of the uniform red icons they have now.

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